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About voyage docks

Voyage Docks was started by Geoff Ubdegrove to supply a superior product at a better price. With 15 years of experience in the welding, fabrications and repair industry, Geoff noticed recurring repair issues with floating docks. He then decided to try his hand at fabricating a stronger, longer lasting dock and ramp system.

why us 

Why Voyage docks?


Voyage docks are built for many years of worry-free ownership. Each dock we sell is backed with a 15 year manufacturers warranty.


At Voyage Docks we aim to have the best price on the market and allow more people to experience the worry-free enjoyment of a premium quality floating dock.

Customer experience

The customer and their needs come first. We are here to ensure we provide the dock that best fits your needs to allow you to enjoy your time on the water.

Built to Fit your Needs

We custom build docks to fit your needs and your location. From custom size docks to ramps and railings, we do it all!


Our products

Voyage docks supplies two types of docks to fit your unique needs and location; steel pontoon docks for heavy water and winter ice movement locations as well as plastic float docks. Our plastic float docks are built with a steel frame that provides a stronger sturdier dock that will outlast any dock relying on wood and bolts as the main frame. All anchor points and hinges are bolted directly to the steel frame. No more loose bolts or docks falling apart!

Steel Frame Floating Docks

A very strong sturdy and secure dock, all wood is bolted directly to the main steel frame with galvanized hardware, no more relying on loosening bolts and corner plates. All anchor points and ramp hinges are bolted through wood and attached to steel plates connecting to the frame.

Pressure treated lumber on top and sides; Cedar is also available for additional cost.    

Eagle float pontoons have a 15 year manufactures warranty with a total buoyancy of 4,800 lbs.

  • 4’ x 16’ Steel frame ramp with 2×6 pressure treat boards 
  • Anchors & Chain – 12’ chain + 300lb cement anchor 
  • Delivery available
  • Custom size docks
  • Custom size Ramps
  • Dock Cleats
  • Dock Lighting
  • Dock Bumpers

Steel Floating Pontoon Docks

All steel and pontoons are fully painted with an epoxy based paint to add extra longevity. These docks are proven to last 20 plus years in the water, with a solid steel frame they are designed to be maintenance free and are fully capable of handling the harshest winter months frozen in the ice.

24’’ pontoons   – 3/16 thick

  • Pontoons are pressure tested to ensure no leaks prior to shipping.
  • Steel angle frame with galvanized hardware
  • 4 anchor points
  • 2×6 pressure treated lumber on deck and sides


This dock is available with a 4’ x 16’ Steel frame ramp with 2×6 pressure treat boards on top

Anchors & Chain

Each comes with 12 feet of 3/8 chain per anchor.

(1,400lbs) concrete

  • All Dock sizes available

  • Ramps/Railings

  • Custom orders

  • Shipping & installation available

Order your new 2024 steel pontoon and steel frame docks with 2’’ pressure treat lumber on top and sides.


Custom Docks

We build custom size docks and designs to fit your needs and will work with you on any ideas you may have so that you can have the exact dock you want. We can typically have your dock fabricated and complete within 2 weeks of your order.


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